Using & Creating Media With Art

I’ve been talking about fusion a lot and how artists can stand out by embracing the multitudes of creation. In all of us, there lives a person that wants to create. It is the fundamental nature of us human beings, who need to be not just creating, but also accepted within our creations. That’s why the media industry has been so fascinating, because right in that hemisphere of art, lies the most interaction and human creativity. Without really having to do anything about the media we have, it’s far more interesting to me to concentrate on the artistic side of things. This in itself automatically, and by nature creates the very media platforms that we use today.

It can be from mobiles phones, to news papers and computers or even other digital publications. Anything that interacts, and begs to have a purpose in peoples lives. That’s also one of the big reasons why I love the performing arts, because there we see art combined with the very usability. I will bring to your attention more fantastic examples from Beijing and elsewhere in China. While it’s not the only place where you see art, creating media. It is the most interesting, because art is supressed. It takes disguises and forms itself within a complex and strict structure of society. What’s amazing to me, is how well it does despite those restrictions. To me it only shows how powerful art can be, and how the media world is dependent on it.

For years, I have been working in the area of media artworks. But only in the recent years, I have found such amazing and realistic examples that confirm everything I have believed in for so many years. It’s good to know that you are not alone, which is where comes in the need to be accepted. It is the very last end of the cycle of creation, that which is a harsh world in not just in China but everywhere in the world.

But the more difficulties, or friends as I like to call them. The more we have thrilling opportunities for artistic creation and expressionism. Today, let’s express ourselves and see how our creativity can influence and is influencing the media art world!

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