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Laurence Favorite: Enjoying Traditional Shanghai Massage

After spending time exploring the bustling and artistic city of Shanghai, the best way to slow down and relax is to find a traditional Chinese massage parlor. What you will discover is that there are spas and places dotted all throughout the city that offer incredible, relaxing and rejuvenating massages very popular amongst artists in the city. Including your very own Laurence Gartel, whom is a huge fan of this ancient practice. Because there are so many, it’s important that as a visitor you do a little bit of your own research to find a licensed, legitimate establishment or use the Guide “Shanghai Massage” for a good quality recommendation! The easiest way to know that you are in professional care is to look for badges worn by the masseurs that have their photo and licensed degree printed on them along with an official red stamp. This is not only important for safety but guarantees the best possible effects for full enjoyment!

At most of the spas and parlors, you will most likely discover the two most popular and traditional forms of Chinese messages, Tui na, and Zhi Ya. Although the techniques differ from one another, both are centered on ancient techniques that focus primarily on specific channels or energy points. By locating and treating these certain pressure points, much in the way that acupuncture is performed, the blood and energy known as “qi” will be transported throughout the body. Not only will the message act as a form of immense relaxation, but it is also said to protect against various types of infection and helps promote and maintain proper organ function.

Additionally, you will find numerous places that provide various types of massages, ranging from gentle, romantic massages that will make you feel like you are becoming one with the sheet you lay on, to more aggressive, deep-tissue massages. What you will discover is that each parlor is unique, and each will offer a variety of services. It is recommended that either prior to your visit, or once you go inside, you ask about the different services and the price prior to going in for your massage. The pricing throughout Shanghai will vary, but in general you will find that the prices are very reasonable and the services offered are sublime. Whether you want a heavenly foot massage, a facial, or a traditional Chinese massage, you will not be disappointed.

When exploring Shanghai, you will find that there is so much to see and do, that you can forget about slowing down for a little bit to get pampered a bit, escape into serenity, and float on cloud nine. Taking the time to slow down, and visit one of the famous parlors in the city is a must during your trip. You will emerge from your massage feeling renewed, energized, and ready to take on more of the sites. As a tip, if you are on a tour in Shanghai and like to experience an artist favorite, ask your tour guide to take you to a quality massage at the end of the day. It’s a lot of fun and brings great insight to the local way and culture aspect of things!

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  1. Just awesome insight and if I would live in China, this would definitely be one of my favorites too. Very cool Mr. Gartel, very cool!

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