Gartel Museum Workshops

Some of the most fun and memorable times in the history of the Gartel Museum have been the workshops. Since the first organised event, we were hooked and started to develop our style of bringing people together. We took on the quest to make anyone an artist, all that was needed was a pinch of passion to put it all together. Mostly young people were attracted by the events and we got quite a crowd together at times. But probably the most fun we ever had, was when even older people joined in to create art, together.

It was all thanks to my brother,¬†Laurence Gartel who got the idea when he saw that there were so many artistic souls on this planet who were just not using their creativity or just didn’t have a platform for it. What was really funny, was the way he got people to join. With his witty personality and at times over shot confidence he approached the most ordinary people on buses, trains, trams, bus stops or anything that would be considered a public space that people had time to listen to him. It was all free of course, those times when our media works were making so much money that we could just do what we felt like in our hearts.

Our joined efforts gathered quite some attention, and led to the promotion of the Gartel Museum concept. People felt like home and that made us feel touched and blessed. For all those times and years, we want to thank all that participated. You are all in the history books of making this world at least a little bit better place than it used to be.

Thank you.

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