Future Visions

For years, we have been using many different techniques for combining digital media art works with just about anything we could imagine. Anything from traditional painting and sculptures to large scale production methods. But we aspire to advance in all aspects of our work, which is why we are constantly hearing out others ideas and looking for our own. It’s really a constant study of art, that you can never be totally satisfied with before your death.

Now our vision for the future, is to take that concept beyond what has been in the past. We want to go and search for those ideas on a global level. Traveling to countries we have never visited before, and learn from master from art with a different view of the world.

For this, we have finally managed to gather a budget and hope to venture out into distant lands sometime soon. If you are an artist or an artistic soul from outside of the US, please do not hesitate to contact us to see if there is any possibility for collaboration.

Our email address is: gartelmuseum (at) gmail.com

Thank you.

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