Fusion on top of Fusion

Over the years of our mixed attitudes towards art, we have managed to create a rather peculiar form or concept of creating it. While we strongly believe in fusion, and blending things together to bring the benefits of creativity in one.. at the same time, it’s all about breaking the rules and creating new from the new. Never stopping to drive towards that passion of something novel and something that pushed the boundaries of the self as an artist.

Because of this, we had to break the fusion concept too. Just so that we could evolve beyond the very concept we loved the most. It’s a funny things really, but in many ways art is about death and embracing the new. So the Gartel Museum became a sort of a playground in some ways. Where artists could express themselves in quite rebelous ways at times.

This was of course all so much fun and we couldn’t help but experiment a little further. We created a small workshop where we encouraged people to do the opposite, to break every boundary that they could think of. To become something they had never been and transfer to the most different and new artist they could.

Again, the results were tremendous. And fusion, became a platform with multiple worlds. While one cannot escape fusion in such circumstances, because we are all human after all. We can mix that all up to a point where we forget and simple open up ourselves to anything that comes. Be it inspiration to anarchism, the words no longer matter and an artist becomes one with the art.

Fussion is beautifu really!

Mike Gartel

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