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One of the greatest places that I have been honored to spend time with media artworks is in Paris, France. An active city that is simply blooming with artists and an artistic style of life. Also the people that live there are incredibly reseptive to new ideas and novel thoughts. Something that just keeps growing beyond any kind of trends. France has well deserved it’s status as one of the greatest countries for producing a unique sense of the word art. What I am interested in today, are books and literature on the subject. Many of which can be found from one of the biggest online book stores in the world, the Amazon. Except that they have their own store in France too located at the address.

One of the first obsticles for dwelling into the world of fantastic Amazon books, is the language. Yes, they do have a lot of English, as well as French language products on their online shelves. But the language of the interface is completely in French, so what you need to do is follow this excellent guide on Amazon France in English to master the usage of the website in your native language. I think having so many English language books there without support for the language itself is a little bit funny. But still it just means, that you need to take destiny into your hands and find out a way such as the one described in detail in the article I just linked to.

So ones we have the language problem out of the way, it’s time to concentrate on the books available. Let me go over a few ones and give a little instruction which should be helpful enough. Hopefully, that is of course!

French Naturalist Painters

This is one of the leading books about some of the most famous naturalist painters in France during 1890-1950. Landscape painting is something that any artist is obviously going to have to explore if they want to understand a very significant part of art history. This time was a time of innovation, and creation could freely bloom within art. This books take 80 of the most famous art pieces from this time and not just displays them, but also explains the history contained within by using revolutionary information. Written by Emmanuel Van de Putte, “Chester Collections’ director.

The Story of Makeup, “Face Paint”

A less known but brilliant book about French Face Paint. Not exactly media works, but works of art that are used to color and display humans in media. The story of how this artform has developed in France is well worth the read. Highly recommended. Written by Lisa Eldridge who has astounding abilities in making history alive once again!

The Artist’s Way

This is another book that touches the topic of creativity. An essential force in our human beings so that we can create new novel things. No one can live without beauty, but everyone has their different sense of the word. That acceptance is one of the fundamental forces to growing ones creative abilities according to this book. Written by Julia Cameron, of which I am a great fan.

As you can see the Amazon France doesn’t lack great books and this was just the tip of the ice-berg. So as you now know how to use the website and order from there in English, together with affordable international shipping.. the sky is the limit. Hope you liked to tip and it was helpful.

Warm regards,

Laurence Gartel

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  1. Thank you! I have already bought one of your recommended books, which was a must when I first saw it. Can you guess which one? 🙂

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