Chinese Red Theatre Art Inside Out

Cultural events have always been a great fascination for me and it’s wonderful to make observation and tune into the artistic mindset during these occasions. The magnificent Red Theatre venue in Beijing is no exception either, as this place is blooming with the theatrical sense of creation. The creations of this performance have not only done well in storytelling and presenting Chinese culture and ancient martial arts in an artistic form. They have erected on of the most amazing, and bright red buildings I have ever seen. Looking up from the bottom (see picture above), you see what feels an infinity. All standing in it’s glory near the temple of heaven in this mysterious Beijing playground.

For me, it was an instant fascination with this structure that presents not only glory but architecture that gives you an insight of whats to come when you enter the building. Inside, you can witness beautiful, traditional decorations and soon be escorted to the main theater hall. The event takes many turns that are contrary to your expectations, such as the modern marvel that you are presented with. Similar to today’s contemporary art galleries, here you can see a creation that has been seen with a modern mind. Simply to replicate the ancient and the traditional would never be as much fun as making a fusion out of it. This connects with the modern world much better, especially with foreign visitors who want to understand the many aspects of Kung Fu which is depicted throughout the one hour long show spectacle.

The story itself is very classic indeed, originating from ancient tales that have exited during the times of the dynasties. A young boy who is destined to become  a monk, goes through mundane but vital experiences in life to become free of material obsessions. The path to a spiritual being through the world of the physical not only makes a beautiful story, but tells the real essence of the struggle of spirituality in China. Being such a big stage production, the performance is able to touch and inspire audiences from all over the world. Beijing is proud to have the Red Theatre building mingle in this dense land of culture, art and simply every day life.

If you are ever visiting Beijing, I suggest you take a metro to Dongcheng District and experience it all for yourself. Thanks for reading. Gartel.

4 thoughts on “Chinese Red Theatre Art Inside Out

  1. I love your verbal skill in describing all these wonderful places to us, it makes me want to visit the theatre of course. But will settle for your dazzling description. And sincere thanks for the inspiration of course.


    1. Much thanks for the comment. You may also have a look at the available Show Trailer to get a better picture about the Kung Fu action and drama at play. Hope you like it as much as I did.

  2. I love the picture of the theatre, looks like a dream come true for photography… such bright red buildings are pretty rare in western city settings of course! 😛


  3. What a gorgeous red building that is. Never been to Beijing but this sure got me interested in the local artistic architecture there.

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