Artistic Achievements from 30 Years

I have always done my best to keep myself on the forefront of media art. For me, that means being able to connect the dots and create unique artwork that is connected with current realities. Sounds complicated? I think not. All that is requires in my opinion is to study hard and keep on pushing through trial and error. I believe that there is a certain kind of a threshold to when you have made enough mistakes in order to create beautiful works of art that you and your clients can be satisfied with. For everyone, this threshold is different and can be only discovered by trying. Often times, artists that are unable to achieve satisfaction with a small enough number of years give up or change to less challenging but creative fields of work.

While I am confident that anyone can achieve that artistic bliss of finding ones art-soul as I like to call it, there are some things to be mindful of. Probably the one mistake that I have seen repeatedly done, is the lack of study. This should be the very essence of your learning experience, to absorb art from all the corners of the world and not just look, but live with together with it.

It is a common misconception that ones unique style is achieved by creativity alone. Even the greatest artists in the world have done their share of studying. Now with the abundance of artworks all over the world, we can choose more specific study fields. But there is just no way around it. Even after 30 years of work, the study keeps going on. Especially when it comes to the field of new media art. So throw away your pride, and learn so that you can throw it all away in the end and be satisfied with what you got!

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